The Gulden Leeuw was originally named M/S DANA. Read more about the history of our ship below.

1937: Completion of M/S DANA, the ship was built by order of the Danish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries; the DANA was designed and built as an ocean-going ice class ship. During her service for the Danish government, she was frequently used for marine biological research, not only in Danish waters but also internationally.

1939: Extension by 9 metres

1980: The DANA was sold and sailed under the name DANA Researcher for Bertra international.

1984: DANA Researcher was sold to Esvagt. After years of service as a research vessel and having sailed across all of the oceans, DANA has been used as an offshore support vessel and under her new name Esvagt DANA, the ship was then in use for many years as a support in the Offshore sector.

2000: The Esvagt DANA was sold to the Danish Maritime Academy Nyborg, the Esvagt DANA was then renamed DANA Nyborg. During this period, the ship was used as a training ship for the Danish Maritime Academy and many a young Danish sailor made their first voyage on the sea with this grand old dame.

2007: The DANA was sold to P&T Charters in 2007. These entrepreneurs from the professional sailing trade converted the ship into a fast 3-masted topsail schooner. The 'Gulden Leeuw' was designed by the renowned naval architects KHMB Y&S Design/Korner and was refitted at the Royal Shipyard Balk in Urk. With so much expertise on hand, the construction of the ship consequently also went very smoothly.